List of Movie Websites To Watch Free Movies Online

1. Tubi TV

We are a fan of this website since the day it came to our notice. How could not we? This is among the legal website that brings out the ocean of free movies online and TV Shows from various genre. The thing that impressed us is a simple and friendly GUI design with minimal ads. One can download a movie app for Android and iOS apps to explore new content regularly. Showbox is one such application that can have given a hard time for many movie websites and platforms.

It’s common to find ads for free content as this is the only business model that supports their cost. But when it stretched too far, it’s liable to cause trouble for users, and TubiTv has played very well in this part. As the website is completely legal, you need not worry about ads and spam. Indeed the best place to watch free movies online without downloading.

2. fmovies website

Alluring interface with killer content, this is fmovies for you. The interface speaks about the content itself. Easy to navigate and use.  You can select your targeted country to get a specific movie sorted and filtered according to your region. If you are a lover of kungfu then do make sure to check their kungfu category. Not to forget, this site has made free movie downloads an easy affair.

Indeed, this is should be the first choice to watch movies when compared to any other movie website. The thing that beats the shit out of any movie site is the quick addition of content. I’d hardly take few days to cover up new ongoing content. Having said that, one can also watch complete series online from the ocean of the content. Also, we recommend checking kickass alternative if you need some alternatives to explore and download more content.


Planning to watch the movie online tonight? Flixtor is an amazing free movie website available to watch movies without downloading on the internet. No ads, smooth navigation, clear design and lots of titles. Unlike other websites, flixtor doesn’t trigger ads on click.  The website is a hub of movies & series which that user can access using the menu. Once you select movies, an entire page of content is featured with titles.

The best part is the option of selecting a different type of video quality. One can select from 360p, 720p and HD content. Also, if you love to take videos offline then a simple download option let you download anime & movies too. For me, the new inception of  Flixtor is the definition of the best site to watch movies.

4. SnagFilms


Great content, lots of diversity and legal platform, this is what made Snagfilms watch free movies online without registration. Movies are displayed on the homepage as a thumbnail which makes it easy to read out titles. They have made various categories according to the genre. The special one that I love is Midnight movies due to its uniqueness. As of now, there is a total of 34 Categories and Genres.

If you are kind of nature lover then Animal, Nature & Environmental category is the best one to pick movies from. The best part about Snagfilms is the support for various devices. Being in a market with other movie sites, I’d appreciate if they manage to collect some new titles for youth and the younger generation.


Do you ever wonder around the place to watch free movies online? Not many streaming sites are a place for download and streaming. One only gets this opportunity with xmovies8. You need to select a movie or TV series, and bang, you are ready to watch movies online.

For downloading any content, you need to play the desired video and hit the download button located at the bottom of the movie player. The website has stunning designing having multiple servers to fetch the video from. If one of the TLD is not working then try using with .is extension. Couchtuner is one such site that we recommend for series & movies.


This was the first free movie website while I started my hunt for free movie platforms. Currently working with many TLDs, you need to find which one is working fine in your region. There are hardly a few websites that have such a depth of content and categories. We as human beings always run behind the well-organized content. When it comes to movies and TV series, we act more selective with the ratings, genre, and country.

Hollywood is famous for Action graphics while the Chinese movie depicts the art of Kungfu fighting. 123movies is a well-developed site to lure out the movie maniac within us. We did include a screenshot to make our audience more familiar with the content and structure of this streaming site.


PopcornFlix is a Screen Media venture, an independent distributor of TV shows and media to the TV market. The movies on PopcornFlix are absolutely free. You just have to search for the movie you want to watch in their huge movie library and you can watch it with a click.

All these movies are segregated into different genres to let you decide the movies according to your taste. They also rent movies at a fixed price. But in my opinion, renting a movie on this platform is not a good move as they don’t have that much quality content. Apart from the content and quality, I loved their recent makeover that they did to their user interface & redesigning. Now it looks more premium and authentic.


If great movie experience with minimal to no ads is your fantasy, yesmovies is a blessing for you. A genuine place to watch free movies with annoying ads and popups. The streaming quality is superb. Stream Hindi, English, Korean, Chinese movies. The top IMDB section is like icing on the cake.

If freemium is your option then you can’t expect better than yesmovies. The website is among the few that show the lesser number of ads per user. Also, the site maintains the same domain name for the longest time. Just keep us bookmarked as we keep on adding the latest working URL.

9. Pluto.TV

Pluto is a free streaming platform that works on-demand for free movies & live TV. A completely free service that allows users to watch live TV channels online and movies on a go. The platform can be accessed using a desktop app and web portal.  There are various channels & genres that users can binge on. Watch free movies from different genres like comedy, drama, thriller, action and much more. Apart from movies & series, they have ties with many popular networks similar to the Hulu service.

Pluto has shown tremendous growth over the past years and its subscriber base has already reached millions. It would suggest checking Pluto for a wholesome package of entertainment.


Desperate to watch the latest free movies online for free?  I bet you will be left mesmerized once you check out this website. This is a phenomenal discovery by our team member Sam. Be it movies, TV shows or upcoming hits, this is one of those movie websites that will never let you down. Quality and content are unmatched. The reason why I prefer this website to watch movies is due to the latest content it has. Ocean of free movies and series, do check this website for variety and a backup plan.

If you are looking for a plethora of content, look no further than this free movie site. To keep you updated with upcoming movies, they have managed to create a category that displays all the upcoming movies users can enjoy online for free. Also, this site gives you an option to download their App but we refrained to download it as it looks quite spammy. Downloading the app is your own choice.

11. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is the site for the public domain and anyone can stream and watch movies or even download the content from it. Although you might be talking about Hollywood movies here Internet Archive has archived documentaries from all over the world, TV series, art movies, and even music albums along with Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

You can find movies that are in the public domain and are free to watch. That is why The Internet Archive is a legal website to stream or download the movies you want to watch on your laptop or big screen. There is always a feeling of satisfaction when you are doing a dirty job. A legal and authentic way to stream movies online.

12. Crackle

Here is another streaming website running successfully in US territories. Crackle is Sony’s venture to let you watch the movie legally. Sony’s Crackle has been made available on numerous devices. You just have to sign up for your account and you can easily watch the movies you want. After creating a watchlist, you would be able to receive recommendations based on the watch list to suit your movie taste.

Crackle is a Sony’s venture, and so there is no dearth of movies at all in the movie library of Crackle. The only problem I found is too many annoying ads. We support ads but not to the extent where it hurts the user interface.

13. TopDocumentaryFilms

Watch movies online that are worth watching. A free platform for streaming free movies, Top Documentary Films is popularly abbreviated as TDF, which holds documentary movies from all over the world that are in the free public domain. The categories are made in Top Documentary Movies to let you watch the movie as per your wish. If you want to watch a documentary movie based on Wars, there is a section for you to watch. Moreover, you get the list of the top 100 documentaries to watch on this site.

This is the best way to learn while you watch. Movies with values and lessons for life could impact the lives of many if taken seriously. No doubt, it’s a real gem. The review system they have adopted is spot on to find the best content among the ocean of documentaries.


Classic Cinema is hard to find, isn’t it? These kinds of movies are not popular as the latest ones but what if you are an old movie buff? There are lots of movie streaming sites we have added to our list but hardly a few have classic movies. You can’t easily get a CD on the market but Classic Cinema Online does this task easy for you. You can watch the free old movies for free from the comfort of your home. Moreover, you can watch silent movies as well as in Classic Cinema Online. This movie site is indeed a blessing for old and classic movie buffs.

Moreover, you can watch silent movies on Classic Cinema Online. This site is indeed a blessing for old and classic movie buffs. Unlike fake sites, surfing is a breeze and the design is lucid to keep you engaged well with the content.


For all those nostalgic folks out there, this is a great place to catch up on the classic movies that would enjoy so much. The User Interface is built to emulate an older time and place with everything from really ancient graphics and fonts. It also has an anti-slick graphic design reminiscent of the ’50s and the ’60s and what visual designs were in vogue then.

Retrovision is again among the free legal movie streaming sites that have a wide collection of genres. The menu displays all the type of content it has. Be it adventure, comedy, classic, cartoons, crime and much more. The best place to watch black and white movies along with early colour movies.

16. Hotstar

Hotstar is a streaming platform to watch free movies, TV shows, serials, and sports in India. Basically, it’s not a movie website but a streaming portal for sports, movies, series and other popular games. You can watch the latest TV serials and movies on Hotstar App for free. Apart from this, you can watch live sports on it as well. It has become a popular slogan as you can watch solo with Hotstar.

You can take your mobile device anywhere and if the Hotstar app is installed on your smartphone, then you can easily watch movies for free. And with its attractive user interface, you would feel like watching more and more movies on your smartphone. If you are an Indian who loves to watch English too, then this is the best place to watch free movies online legally. Even the premium plan of Hotstar comes for just Rs 200 which is too low for the service they offer.


Spuul is a popular website to watch full-length movies online in Marathi, English, Punjabi, and much more. The website comes with a paid and free option. It has got some good free movies that you can watch without signup. One can also register and rent or opt for a monthly plan. This website is all for those folk who were asking about some good sites to watch Hindi movies online for free.

A user may skip or miss out while surfing movies as a “free Movie” tag is slightly harder to find. Spuul gives access to a separate section that features all free movies. The black colour theme with thumbnail brings out the details of each movie appreciably. We expect Spuul to add more titles in order to compete with services like Hotstar and Boxtv.


For the Indian audience, Voot is not a strange place to watch movies. Voot is available for the Indian audience only but it has been quite popular over there. You can watch full-length movies as well as reality shows like Bigboss and Roadies. It’s a free movie website to let you watch movies legally. You can watch movies on any device you want: whether it is a mobile or laptop, or your desktop computer, you can watch it on any device you want.

You can watch movies on any device you want: whether it is a mobile or laptop, or your desktop computer, you can watch it on any device you want. Moreover, Voot has promised to roll out the version to support other devices as well that are not covered yet by the developers of Voot.


Love to watch classic movies? Want classic movies for your Halloween? Creepyclassic is a movie site that could make you feel Halloween all year-long. Get spooky movies from different genres to make you scared. As you enter the homepage the site looks quite boring and difficult to navigate. For watching any movie, hover the mouse over the feature menu and select the sci-fi, horror & silent, etc.

The site is rarely updated and receives less traffic as the content is not much intriguing to a large audience. You won’t be finding the latest or popular movies. The only motive to add such sites is to create diversity in content.


Movienight is a well-known name among movie streamers.  The website has more than 700+ movies in different genre. The lucid design and catchy layout make it one of our best picks to watch movies online. With movies, there is a separate tab for series. You can even follow their Twitter handle to get the latest updates about movies. The site is also active on Reddit where numerous discussion has been going about this movie website.

While surfing & exploring content, you need to be extra cautious as ad may get triggered as soon you click somewhere on the webpage. I don’t know what webmasters did with this platform, they have completely ruined it now. Hope to see it back soon.


No registration, no download, no membership, watch free movies online with freemoviecinema. Find fresh movies, TV Shows, Animated content, and a classic movie. When compared with its peer, Free cinema has definitely killed it with layout and content. There are so many categories to explore, you won’t find such content on any other site.

The top header menu makes it easy to fiddle with the new titles. The “List” section features 500 titles from more than 20 categories which you can watch instantly. The platform is also fetching free content from youtube too. Leaving the movie aside, one can also TV shows. Though this website is not for the latest movies, It’s definitely a good place to watch free movies online.