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A fiction that started with the manga comic which later became an Anime series has crossed beyond appreciation and has become the most famous culture in today’s generation, famously known as Cosplay. Many of you might be familiar with this term and for those to whom this sounds like Greek, I am sure you might have come across people watching videos with animated characters which may not look familiar.

In this article, I have covered few famous anime download sites, through which you can download Anime episodes/ series. Being an Anime fan myself, I understand the craving of watching it on a different occasion and the struggle it takes to find a proper internet connection and that is the reason why I have tried to explain the features of sites which are best for downloading anime it because Anime should be like- Anytime and Anywhere.

Popular Anime Download Sites | Working Anime Sites In 2019

1. KissAnime.ru

This is one of the most popular sites to download Anime. The site is user-friendly which makes it convenient for the viewer to get adapted to its features very quickly. The site can be operated in a vast number of devices. As the site is completely free of cost, you can enjoy watching unlimited number of Anime.

The site has sorted things according to the category order, so it won’t be a hard task even if you want to discover something new. KissAnime offers download options in several qualities, varying from 240p till 1080p, which you can use according to your own requirements.  This site is ranked 329 globally but it’s ranking in the United States is 241 due to the fact that its site has most users from there.

2. Chia-anime.tv

This site consists of 4000 Anime series which is completely free of cost. This Particular anime download site has a black background with white color text written over it which makes the visibility much better. You can search the shows in alphabetical order which makes it convenient for the users to use it.

If you are looking forward to downloading high-quality anime, then this site is probably the one you are looking for. This site is ranked 708,725 globally. It is one of the most famous Anime sites in India as you can easily download Dubbed and Subbed version of Anime here.

3. 9anime.bz

This site provides Anime in a high quality and due to its simple and attractive layout; it is very easy to use. The site consists is user-friendly as you can search Anime by Genre, Seasons, Year of release, Quality, Type and Language which gives users the opportunity to explore more. At the top of the site, they display a slideshow of all the latest and famous Anime.

They display little advertisement but if you ignore that factor, then this site is surely the best one for you.  However there is a little drawback about this site that you cannot download any episode unless you watch the complete episode online and once you are done with that, the download option will appear at the bottom of the video from where you can easily download it.

This free anime site is ranked 1360 globally but it’s ranking in the United States is 991 due to the fact that its site has most users from there.

Note: Okay, I know what you are thinking !! Some of these are anime streaming sites, How can we download from these sites?

Solution: IDM(Internet Download Manager) to download Streaming content free of cost.

 4. Masterani.me

This site has a very attractive layout design which makes it more popular. The site even has a reputation for uploading the latest videos from time to time. Downloads can be made both in SD or HD quality. If you are browsing through the site, you can easily click on the logo at the top of the page to directly go to the home page.

The site consists of a vast number of Anime series which is arranged in a proper sequence to provide you a better experience. The feature that should you the dates of the upcoming release makes the site more popular among the viewers. This site is ranked 4,380 globally but its ranking in the United States is 1,359 which consists of 49.4% users.

Few More Anime Download Websites For Anime Fans

5. Animeout.xyz

Another best-preferred platforms to download Anime episodes as it provides more than 1000 anime which is updated very frequently. Due to the large images, it becomes more attractive for the viewers to explore this site and they can even use the search bar and should even go through the Anime recommendation category which is one of the unique features of this site.

The downloading is very convenient when you are using this site. You can even register to the site to receive a message about the updates. The resolution of the videos can be changed according to your own requirement.

6. Animetosho.org

It is just like a torrent site to download Anime at the fastest and high-quality resolution. This site also provides a chat feature which allows you to interact with other Anime lovers and discover others view. The layout of the site is very clean and easy to use which makes it convenient for the users to use it.

The user can directly download the videos and if you are having a difficulty locating the episodes, you can directly locate it by using the search bar which is located at the left corner of the homepage.

7. Animeworldbd.com

It is a free site to download Anime with a very neatly arranged layout which makes it easier for the viewers to locate what they want. Being ad frees this site it provides a better experience especially when it comes to directly streaming it online.

But due to the fact that the site has no source of income by the user or by the means of an advetisement, they do not upload the videos very frequently, so if you are looking for the new episode then this site is surely not the one for you.  This site is ranked 237,968 globally.

8. Animecruzers.io

It is a site with a very simple and user-friendly layout which helps the anime fans to download the old as well as new episodes which are just released. The videos can be downloaded in various resolutions. The home page of the site displays all the latest releases and you can even add episodes to your personal library. The search bar is as handy as any other site. The site has daily visitors of approx. 2,734.

9. Project-Gxs.com

This is another site to download Anime in 720p to 108p resolution. This site consists several categories of Anime but in case if you are unable to locate the desired Episode or series, then you can directly post a request for that. It won’t take a long time for you to discover all the features of this site.

The summary of the series can be read after you open a title. You can download a batch of episodes by simply using the torrent link, but a single episode can be downloaded directly.

10. Archive.org

This site is completely free of cost which makes it convenient for the users to use it without the pain of going through the log in process. You will encounter quite a bit of simplicity but that is only because of old content mostly. All the episodes are neatly arranged in several categories.

If you are finding something new then this site will surely be fun browsing through but if you are looking for something in particular then you can directly use the search bar option. The download is very quick and easy to execute.

  • Update: If any of these sites are down, Don’t panic downloading content is always risky. Some of these sites have rights but some don’t so due to copyright law they might get shut down occasionally.
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Final Verdict

That’s it on Anime Download sites. For many people, its the only source of entertainment don’t be shocked when you see an adult person watching anime something like a cartoon with more enthusiast than a 10-year kid because that is the magic of this creation. Some people find manga comics interesting some love to watch anime. If you are a hard-core Anime fan or like Anime in just another level, then this article will surely help you to increase your experience in watching your favourite Anime and if you do not watch Anime then it’s high time that you give it a try.

Hope this article helped you to discover the most beneficiary Anime download sites for you. Many of the Anime sites provide fast and high-quality downloads at completely free of cost, whereas some sites will charge you. You can easily browse through few sites before you decide to stick with one.

Updated: November 8, 2019 — 3:17 pm