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Anime is not a ‘cartoon’. Okay? It’s much, much more than that. Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of arguably one of the best anime series of our time; Naruto, went for his honeymoon nearly fifteen years after his marriage. The manga comic writer began the series in 1999. It was only in 2015, after the completion of the series did he have the time to take his wife on their much-anticipated honeymoon. That’s the power of anime. Love, friendship, war; it all takes a backseat.

In many countries, however, anime isn’t extremely accessible. As in, a viewer needs to take some effort to watch their favourite anime series. There is no particular channel that’s dedicated to animes. Being a niche interest; this is actually quite understandable. Hence, we have listed a few sites today for anime lovers from where they can watch anime.

So, does that mean you let the societal conditions dictate what you watch? No. You have options. We all have access to the internet. Just go onto one of these 12 websites and watch what you like.

List of Legal Anime Streaming Sites In 2019

1. Crunchyroll

The reason why Crunchyroll comes in first and not some other site is that of its legality. When compared to all the other legal Anime streaming sites; none compare to Crunchyroll in terms of anime collection. It’s accessible worldwide and although you do need a premium membership to properly reap its benefits; even without it, you can still view a few select anime series for free.

Enjoy an ad-free experience and immediate telecast (just 1 hour after the original release in Japan). You get access to all the classics, as well as all the latest shows. But of course, all of this comes at a price. If you are a fan; surprisingly, the premium membership is actually worth the money.

2. Daisuki

Major Japanese anime production companies release their content on Daisuki. Hence, you can expect some of the newest and one of the best anime collections available online. But it comes at a price. On Daisuki, you cannot stream series for free. To view any series, you need to sign up for their premium membership. If you are a hardcore anime fan who craves original content; the membership may prove to be a sensible investment for you.

3. Animelab

animelab anime

If you are an ‘Aussie’ or a ‘Kiwi’ who loves anime but is unable to do so due to the limited options at hand; Animelab could be your saving grace. Free, accessible and completely legal; free from any copyright issue; you can Watch all your favourite anime here. The collection that it holds is decent, not the best but good nevertheless. If you are looking for dubbed episodes; you may have to register yourself for a fee that’s somewhere around the 6AUD mark.

4. Funimation

As you may know, copyrights are a major streaming issue. Funimation; by obtaining licenses for all of its anime videos is almost as legal as you can get for a company that’s operating in this industry. Hence, keeping these challenges in mind it’s a collection of anime videos is quite impressive.

Premium members (you need to pay) can enjoy dubbed versions of their favorite anime. Non-premium members, on the other hand, get to enjoy subbed versions of their favourite anime for absolutely free. But yes, the membership to this site is a little expensive and not affordable for the masses.

5. Hulu Anime

hulu anime

High-quality anime videos; that’s what you can expect when you visit the Hulu web page. Hulu is not just an anime streaming website though. On it, one can stream various different movies and TV shows. So it’s understandable if hardcore fans are a little bit skeptical when it comes to Hulu Anime.

Another problem with Hulu is that it’s blocked in many countries. Only certain European and Asian countries have it unblocked. The user-interface is commendable, the video quality is of the highest and their collection is good; these characteristics make it is a decent option to stream anime online.

6. TubiTv

If you consume anime like food; then you definitely need to check out TubiTV. Why? For the sole fact that their update frequency is remarkable. Nearly every week, a new series is uploaded. You will never run out of options. Furthermore, it’s free to use. A good collection is rare to find in one of the ‘legal sites’, which is exactly what makes TubiTv all the more special. Based on where you are viewing it from (as in which country), the anime catalog that boasts of will differ. The website also has an amazing movie collection to stream from anywhere around the world.

NOTE: The Above Sequence of anime sites is not based on ratings. It is your job to find the best anime streaming site what suits you depending upon your taste. We have just listed down the Sites.

Few other Free Anime Websites


According to many hardcore anime fans, this is one of the best free streaming sites that’s on the internet. While most Anime streaming sites offer only subbed versions of series, on you even get dubbed versions of certain anime series. Furthermore, viewers benefit from experiencing a potentially completely ad-free experience.

Multiple-different genres of animes are easily accessible. If you are a fan who likes to keep a collection, don’t worry. You can download the episodes with the click of a button if you want to that is.


Organized content is better content. At least that’s the policy that Anime Heaven follows. All the content, anime, cartoons, movies are categorized on the basis of rating, year and genre. Hence, your search for any anime series gets much faster and much more convenient. Furthermore, not only do users have the option of downloading the videos that they are streaming, but they also have the option of choosing the video quality of their download.


Kissanime Anime Website

One of the more popular anime streaming sites, Kissanime has reached these levels of popularity because of its ability to satisfy the wants of its fans. Extremely quick loading times allows a user on a relatively slow-bandwidth to enjoy their favourite anime with minimal compromise.

If you want to, you could even view your favourite series in HD (1080p). Ultimately, the choice is up to you. 240p or 1080p? You could even download any of the anime series that it streams, however, to do so, you will need to register with them. The user interface is simple which makes it a decent option to stream anime online free of cost.


Every user vies for an ad-free experience on the internet. comes the closest to giving their viewers an ad-free experience. It’s a free anime streaming service; that’s known for its extremely organized and easy to use user interface. If one had to say something bad about it, it would probably be the absence of a search bar. However, the content is organized in such a useful manner that its users seldom complain of this fallback.

11. Animestreams


If you are having difficulty looking for dubbed anime content online then this site is for you watch dubbed anime without any hassle free of cost, be sure to check It’s highly possible that you find exactly what are you looking for. The site specializes in dubbed content. Subbed content, too, is available.

You won’t need ad-blockers to visit this site as predominantly, it gives the viewer an ad-free experience. Furthermore, if you are looking for any particular series, you can fill in a form and let them know exactly what it is that you are looking for. And hopefully, their response is comforting.


A free-streaming site; it has the capacity to satisfy all your anime needs. You will find all the popular anime series as well as some of the newer, less popular ones. The cool thing about this anime streaming site is its great update frequency. Whenever a new series is out, you can expect to find it here. If you wish to download the anime series, you are free to do that as well. Most of the series that you find here are available in subbed versions, not dubbed.

Final Verdict

That’s it Free/ Paid Anime Steaming website for all of you. Yes, free websites especially. Also, for the more exuberant fans; this list also includes some websites which give you a paid membership that makes your anime watching experience as seamless and convenient as possible. A word of advice; if you love watching anime online don’t let the moral question of ‘legality’ eat at you all the time.

Updated: April 10, 2019 — 4:56 pm